Why sleeping in warm pajamas is wrong

Hard work without play makes jack a dull boy but all work without quality sleep can affect your wellbeing as an individual. While your mental state mattersin the quality of sleep you get, it is mostly about your beddings and sleeping clothes. Without finding quality accessories to support your sleep sessions, you can suffer from fatigue among other side effects of poor quality of sleep or insomnia. When shopping for silk pajamas for women, avoid going for heavy pajamas considering their effect on your body when sleeping. Read on below to find out the various reasons heavy night wear clothing is not good for you.

Affect the quality of sleep

After a long day, there is nothing as rewarding as a good night sleep. The quality of rest you get from night sleep differs from the quality of sleep you get during the day. It is only proper to help your body unwind perfectly when sleeping at night by avoiding heavy night gear. When you are too hot in your sleep, you are bound to be restless and that will reduce the quality of rest your body gets. You should feel comfortable in your sleeping clothes to even fall asleep faster.

Lead to pimples breakout

As you will later find out, heavy clothing not only increases your body temperature when you are sleeping at night but also prevents your skin pores from functioning efficiently. The increasing heat will affect your skin breathing and that leads to skin pores being blocked. This unfortunately leads to a number of skin infections which may affect how your skin looks. You should know that sweat pimple and rushes on your skin are a common appearance when you dress your body in heavy pajamas.

Affect your reproductive health

There can be serious repercussion when you cannot help but sleep in heavy pajamas at night. Your reproductive health may stand to suffer the most because of how hot it could get in such areas when sleeping in heavy pajamas. These PJs will trap heat from escaping from your body; this means that the quality of sperm gets affected for men as the testes do not need to be surrounded by extreme temperatures on the outside. Women can also get affected in their reproductive regions if they sleep in heavy nigh gear; the increased sweatiness makes it easy for microbes and other bacteria to thrive. This could lead to increasing infections and cases of inflammation.

Interferes with regulation of body temperature

Your body temperature changes when you are asleep. You pull up your duvet when it is cold and help your body unwind when it is hot. Cooling your body temperature is however unlikely when you are sleeping in heavy pajamas. This is because of the trapped heat inside of your body making you sweaty all night. You can therefore end up having a sleepless night making you tired when you wake up. Light sleeping gear helps your body retain heat naturally improving your night sleep.

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