The Ultimate Guide To Tokens Of Botto

If you want to vote on your favourite pieces of art and enhance the algorithms then you need to get your hands on Botto tokens. It is very easy to get the tokens because it is a straightforward process. But first, you will have to fund your Ethereum wallet with some Ether in it. If you want to exchange the tokens then you will have to access Uniswap. You can exchange the tokens for each other. Here some Ether is changed for Botto. You will have to pay some fees and then you can access it very easily.

How to access Uniswap?

You have to first select ETH and Botto where a screen will be presented to you having two menus. You can use the first dropdown option to select the ETH. Here you can exchange some tokens for Botto with the help of Uniswap. You will have to select a particular quantity of ETH that you are willing to exchange. Then using the second option, copy the address to the search bar and then hit import. Then you can hit swap. They will ask for confirmation and a prompt will be generated from Metatask. Hit confirm and once it is confirmed you will receive your Botto tokens.

Let us know about Token distribution:

The team of Botto has a firm belief in a fair launch where the tokens have an affinity with the NFT space. They have an interest in art and also contribute to the development of the project. There are some qualifying projects such as Art blocks playground and factory. You can have crypto punks, art blocks curated. There is a tiered system too.

The Botto airdrop has got four tiers. Each tier has got high amount of tokens. It depends on the number of projects they have interacted with. The early contributors are linked to tier three and the fourth tier was added later. The total quantity that is eligible to participate in an airdrop is 22,066. Each tier receives a different quantity of tokens.

Project Interactions:

You will have to interact with at least one project so that you can qualify for one-tier. One interaction is known as holding an NFT from the project that was qualified during the time the data was pulled. There is absolutely no difference between holding or minting when the interactions are counted.

Elaborate the project interactions:

Tier one will require interaction with at least one project that has qualified. Tier two will require interactions with two projects that have qualified. And tier three has to require interactions with five qualifying projects. All the equal contributors are included in this tier.

What is the claiming period? Elaborate it here.

There is a particular claiming period. The eligible recipients have to claim their tokens at a specific time. After that, the tokens are returned to the treasury. Then the community decides what has to be done with the unclaimed tokens through the process of governance.


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